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Zea Gyarmati - psychologist (photo by R. János Szabó)

Understanding and change

Whether it's finding a solution to a personal problem or seeking motivation, my goal remains the same: to put myself in others' shoes, understand their feelings, and connect them with the emotions I've experienced in my own life. I believe that there are countable emotions, but the triggers and behavioral consequences are immeasurable. Through connecting with emotions, I practice empathy, through constant learning, I try to better understand the causes and effects. I have a huge aspiration for growth and a strong belief that things can always improve; this forms the basis of my positivity, which I aim to share with people. Someone important to me characterized me this way: "She reads life”

Psychological consultation

Since autumn 2023, I have been conducting individual consultations under the supervision of a medical psychotherapist. My clients primarily belong to the Z and millennial generations, and I assist them with issues related to self-awareness, life management, lifestyle changes, career, education, stress, anxiety, as well as relationship difficulties, conflict resolution, and integration. During the first (or if necessary, first two) consultations, we engage in an introductory, exploratory conversation. Through this, we identify the desired change, set goals, and outline the steps toward achieving them. Together, we decide how we want to collaborate, and the terms of our work are formalized through a written agreement. My professional qualification allows me to work exclusively with clients who do not have mental illness or a psychological diagnosis. If suspicions arise during sessions or supervision, I direct the client to the appropriate professional. Reach out to me if you are mentally healthy but facing obstacles and wish to participate in solution-oriented conversations to find the best path for development.


  • Individual sessions in person, in Budapest, District VI, or

  • Online via video conversation

  • 20 minutes of online introductory conversation for FREE

  • Fee: 35 EUR / 50 minutes

  • (If the hourly rate poses significant challenges, please consult with me about possible accommodations.)

 If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me!


Zea Gyarmati - psychologist

Sorry, misinformed /FRESH FABRIK workshop/, 2022 (photo: Wilhelm Laura)

I plan and conduct workshops within organizations, educational institutions, as well as with independent cultural entities and interested individuals. I have ready workshop materials for developing intercultural competence, communication culture, and debate culture, as well as for exploring social and organizational issues. To the extent of my capacity, I also undertake additional workshops and lectures. The location, number of participants, and pricing can be discussed through email correspondence.



  • MA in Psychology - Eötvös Loránd University (2021-2023)

  • BA in Behavioral Analysis - Eötvös Loránd University (2016-2019)

 Trainings, Personal Experiences:

  • Individual Psychological Self-Awareness, 150 hours – Hungarian Association for Individual Psychology (2023 – )

  • Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory and Practice - HarvardX (2023)

  • Restorative Conflict Resolution (2022)

  • From Ordinary Mistreatment to Well-Treatment in Healthcare (2021)

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